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Monday, April 18, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 6

 Fashion by Helen Lee

Vancouver Fashion Week came to an end last night.  The last set of shows was more international designers, including: Helen Lee, Foor by Lei Zhang, La Vie by Jenny Ji, Pauline Van Dongen.

As usual, I only have photos for designers who didn't want video.  I just happened to get photos of Pauline's style because she lined them up down the runway at the end. You can find the set for Helen Lee and Pauline Van Dongen on my FLICKR.

Fashion by Pauline Van Dongen

I also took pictures for Pouneh Askarian, I just hadn't had a chance to put them up yet.  You can find them all (well, most) also on my FLICKR.

 We're just chillin'

Anyways, it was an amazing set of shows put up by various people.  There were tons of photographers and industry pros, and I met a lot of interesting people.  You can find the photos for the background non-runway photos at a separate flickr page

 Jamal knows which camera's the important one

And the after party stuff.  I got work to do, so I'll update this later.  For now, just look at the photos.  At THIS flickr page.

 Ha Sang Beg and Mackenzie Sam partying with Models

It took a while to set this picture up

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