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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Runway at "ELEGANCE" by EVA CHEN

It was another event by Vernard Goud from LUVNGRACE Entertainment, and I was invited to shoot at the event.  Vernard's events always have all sorts of things going on, and involves a fusion of a variety of elements of culture and art.  Featuring Eva Chen's "Elegance" collection, commercial photographer Erich Saide, Golden Brush Art: Bill Higginson + Richard Ma and Diane Reyes + Carole Lagimodiere, Make Up Artist Alysia Hamilton, and a bunch of other people and things going on.

I haven't done any fashion shows in a long time since I was busy on assignments shooting film.  I even missed Vancouver Fashion Week this year, so I was looking forward to coming out to this.

Eva Chen's been showing for her awesome style at various events, so if you follow fashion you probably seen some of these already.

Included are a few photos from the event.

See the full set at FLICKR here!

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