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Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Vancouver Pride Parade

Every year at the end of July (on the civic holiday long weekend), the Vancouver Pride Parade occurs.  Hundreds of thousands of spectators stream in to the downtown of Vancouver, and many community groups and flamboyant floats parade about in the rainbow patterned streets.

Even old people. 

And dogs. 

And... uhh... police bear.

I was in an area where there were missing fences, and people kept getting in the way of the floats, crossing the street.  There were tons of security people yelling at the mob to stop getting in the way of the giant mechanical floats... because... you know, they'll get run over.  But people kept doing it anyways literally running back and forth while laughing, because parade spectators are annoying and belligerent, that's just how it is.  The security guys were quite frustrated, yelling the whole time.  Should have got more fences boys.

See more photos at my flickr!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Diego Comic-con: Black Cat Cosplay Photoshoot

 Meet Black Cat

I wasn't actually at Comi-Con.  This was a photoshoot I did for Black Cat, she requested I take some nice photos of her before she headed out to San Diego.

This is basically a portrait shoot, a zone I'm very comfortable with.  It just happened that the client was dressed in a costume.  I guess it wasn't so strange, I seem to do a lot of these weird kind of photoshoots.  I should just rebrand my self as a cosplay photographer.

 Outdoor Garden.  We got a couple looks.

And this type of portrait shoot, I can jump pump out the photos, since I don't need to do any post-processing.  The make up and costume pretty much does all the work for me, and I'm here to document the work (the cosplay) anyways, not create my own painting in faux-shop.

 A few shots for green screen.

Black Cat leads Frodo out of Moria

But... I did take some photos in green screen so I can make some weird comps. 

You can find a few of the photos at my flickr!

She was popular enough to be interviewed by NBC Here

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bboy Jam: Filthee Feet 10 year Anniversary 2011

I came out to this one because a friend I haven't seen in years was competing in it.

Now, I shoot in night clubs a lot, and I've shot performance dance before, so I thought I would know what to expect.  This was totally different though.  People communicated to eachother through the power of dance.  Everyone was a bboy (bgirl?), and they were all dancers.  I was pretty much the only spectator, an outsider entering their world to document the unfolding events.

Seriously, it was weird.  No rules (that I could understand anyhow), people got right up to the dancers, forming a circle.  Now, I've seen this when I went to some clubs and parties where they had breakdance performers, but I thought that was just because it gets pretty cramped at a club.  No, this was a big gym with plenty of space.  It's just how things are.

Some details:
Apparently this was for something called the IBE Qualifier.  Some sort of international breakdance competition, and the top 8 bboys in Canada will go to Holland for a convention called "Notorious IBE".

See the full photo set at: Flickr

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