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My name is James Choi and I am the owner of jChoi Photography.  The Last Photographer is my photoblog where I talk about photography techniques.


I'm a full time Photographer/Videographer.

I mainly do documentaries of sorts.  Including nature: outdoors, wildlife, and urban: nightlife, events, parties.  I also do interviews and short films


I made this page to talk about photographic techniques, about the projects I'm working on, and to show case my photos.

My background is in science and engineering, and I have a strong understanding of mechanics, electronics, and optics.  This allows me to optimize the use of my digital equipment.  And I try to explain what I do on this page in terms easy to understand.


I mainly use a Canon 7D which is an ergonomics masterpiece.  I have a wide variety of lenses, cameras, and extra accessories.  I spend a lot of time looking at test data and technical manuals.  Some of my equipment are customized, custom built or modified.

On the eccentric side, I shoot film (say "I" if you learned photography on a K1000), I use manual lenses, and I do instant photos.

Contact me at

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