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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nightclub Photography

Between a two day long lingerie shoot and filming the last day of Vancouver's Top Gay Model, I've been quite busy with work.  And wasting time with some street photography, most money I made from that these days was finding a $5 bill on the ground.  But I'll finally do an update about some more nightclub gear and techniques.

Go here to see the photos from the VFW after party from Aubar, Republic and Fortune.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

After Party and Conclusion

What I was doing there:
I was commissioned by Stephen Sawchuk from House of Leo Productions to film(video) the fashion shows.  You can contact House of Leo here!  They are the official video production company for Vancouver Fashion Week.

You can find some of the videos I took at VFW 2010 for Blackout Productions last year here (again with Stephen Sawchuk, the modelesque Producer of House of Leo Productions).

Photos from the opening party are in this flickr page.

Miscellaneous photos not runway are found here. (i.e. group photos, press room stuff, interviews, Elysia Rotaru, etc)

Notes on Photos from the Fashion Shows:
Look in my flickr collection for photos from the shows I wasn't filming.

Something Awkward?  You'll notice most of my photos are closeups of the face.  It's for the makeup artists.  All the official photographers down the center can get a million body shots of each, showing off the dress.

*I try not to talk to the models.  The makeup artists will beat me up because I always make them laugh and ruin their makeup.  I'm going to guess it's my haircut or accent or something.

Notes on the After Party Photos:
After party photos are here.

Nightclub photos.  It's what I do.  Well, when I'm not off filming in the jungles somewhere.  Your chance of getting good photos increases when you come to the after party and hang out.  Well, with me anyways.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 6

 Fashion by Helen Lee

Vancouver Fashion Week came to an end last night.  The last set of shows was more international designers, including: Helen Lee, Foor by Lei Zhang, La Vie by Jenny Ji, Pauline Van Dongen.

As usual, I only have photos for designers who didn't want video.  I just happened to get photos of Pauline's style because she lined them up down the runway at the end. You can find the set for Helen Lee and Pauline Van Dongen on my FLICKR.

Fashion by Pauline Van Dongen

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 5

Hi, I'm just here to increase his viewer count!

Last night at Vancouver Fashion Week was the international designers.  Particularly Ha Sang Beg.  He's my favorite (because he's... Korean?).  Other than the Korean crowd, there was Autobiographie from Paris (and their shoes), and Dawn Sharp from California.

This time I actually made it to the after party.  Well, I had to go to club 560 first to take some photos of their show, but afterwards, I made it to auBAR.  Again, I have an appointment (my weekends, sigh).  But I'll post these party pictures.  Sometime.

And for other people that ran in to me while I was there... well, keep watching, photos will come up soon.

Let's party!  Diet cola and water for everyone!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 4

Exams are over!

Another night at Vancouver Fashion Week.  Featured designers were: Hawks Ave., Papillon Eastern, Eva Chen, Fever London, Boutique Show - The TRUE'S Fashion Couture Hats by Sova Design.

Hosting the event tonight was Elysia Rotaru and Stephen Sawchuk (from House of Leo who commissioned me for this project).

No big update with photos though, I got called up last minute to film the fashion seminar, so I'll put up the rest of the pictures later.  I don't have much photos anyways, I spent all day filming.  BUT I did go to the after party!  I thought it was at AuBAR but I was clearly wrong.  I was Elysia Rotaru's personal photographer for the night, and I just followed her along.  Well, things did eventually get sorted out, and I went over to fortune after taking pictures of random people (keep watching random peoples, I'll put up your party photos soon...).

I did get to fortune.  I saw more fashion girls (models/designers) here than I expected: that means some of them finally hit drinking age.  And they don't got shows tomorrow (alcohol ruins makeup next day I heard from a makeup artist).  Maybe they do.  See, no drinks in their hands, they're responsible.

Anyways... the rest of the after party photos will come up after Fashion week.  They know where I sit.  They'll send their agent/boyfriend/dad after me if I post embarrassing photos of them.  (which there are none of, they were drinking diet cola or glass of water w/ lemon slice).

Hopefully they'll forget about me by next season.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 3

This was a long day at Vancouver Fashion Week.  Doors opened late- probably some logistics issue, there were a dozen designers to be featured that day:
Andrea Hilbrecht, Wilber Tellez, Brittany Wacher, Liuba Palanciuc, Melissa Squire, Queenie Luo, Sarah Runnalls, Pouneh Askarian, Tanya Min Jee Ellis, Mackenzie Sam, Elen Danielle, Story of a Girl + Blushing Designs - Shelley Klassen

Anyways, by the time the footage was offloaded, I was too tired to go to the after party.  It's okay, I'll go to one later.  I very much enjoy nightclub photography... probably because I get to walk around instead of getting stuck in one spot all day.

Looking forward to another awesome show today.

See more photos at my FLICKR! (I'm filming video most of the shows, but I'll be taking photos on the ones I'm not commissioned to do videos)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 2

It was Vancouver Fashion Week's (VFW) first runway show of 2011.  Up for the first night was Patricia Fieldwalker, Rosalita McGee, Valerio Moda and Lace Embrace Atelier showing off their designs for the Fall/Winter 2011 Collections.

Some highlights included the men's fashion in Valerio Moda Collection (for me anyways...), and a burlesque-esque show put on by Lace Embrace.

Any of the shows I wasn't commissioned to do videos for, I took photos (since I was already there, why not).  You can find the photoset for Rosalita McGee at my Flickr.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Opening Gala

I was invited down to the Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 Opening Gala yesterday as a videographer for House of Leo Productions.  They are endorsed directly by VFW and contracted me in to take footage for the entire week.

I'll be in the media section at the end of the runway taking footage for the whole week.  See if you can spot me.

*See the full set of photos at my FLICKR!