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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 4

Exams are over!

Another night at Vancouver Fashion Week.  Featured designers were: Hawks Ave., Papillon Eastern, Eva Chen, Fever London, Boutique Show - The TRUE'S Fashion Couture Hats by Sova Design.

Hosting the event tonight was Elysia Rotaru and Stephen Sawchuk (from House of Leo who commissioned me for this project).

No big update with photos though, I got called up last minute to film the fashion seminar, so I'll put up the rest of the pictures later.  I don't have much photos anyways, I spent all day filming.  BUT I did go to the after party!  I thought it was at AuBAR but I was clearly wrong.  I was Elysia Rotaru's personal photographer for the night, and I just followed her along.  Well, things did eventually get sorted out, and I went over to fortune after taking pictures of random people (keep watching random peoples, I'll put up your party photos soon...).

I did get to fortune.  I saw more fashion girls (models/designers) here than I expected: that means some of them finally hit drinking age.  And they don't got shows tomorrow (alcohol ruins makeup next day I heard from a makeup artist).  Maybe they do.  See, no drinks in their hands, they're responsible.

Anyways... the rest of the after party photos will come up after Fashion week.  They know where I sit.  They'll send their agent/boyfriend/dad after me if I post embarrassing photos of them.  (which there are none of, they were drinking diet cola or glass of water w/ lemon slice).

Hopefully they'll forget about me by next season.

And a bonus picture of Mícheála.  She told me I'm in trouble if I put up crup photos of her.

If I didn't quit teaching, I might have been her science teacher.