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Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Vancouver Pride Parade

Every year at the end of July (on the civic holiday long weekend), the Vancouver Pride Parade occurs.  Hundreds of thousands of spectators stream in to the downtown of Vancouver, and many community groups and flamboyant floats parade about in the rainbow patterned streets.

Even old people. 

And dogs. 

And... uhh... police bear.

I was in an area where there were missing fences, and people kept getting in the way of the floats, crossing the street.  There were tons of security people yelling at the mob to stop getting in the way of the giant mechanical floats... because... you know, they'll get run over.  But people kept doing it anyways literally running back and forth while laughing, because parade spectators are annoying and belligerent, that's just how it is.  The security guys were quite frustrated, yelling the whole time.  Should have got more fences boys.

See more photos at my flickr!

Nerd stuff:

Canon 7D with tokina 11-16mm, fast and accurate autofocus combined with one of the sharpest wide lens around.  Most of the shots were made at iso-160, f8, 1/400s.  Key is to get right up to the crowd, fortunately, having a huge camera gives you press powers, people will get out of your way and allow you to get up close.  So stick all those useless attachments (like the battery grip) and the biggest fattest flash you have on top and walk in with total power, camera raised, no one will stop you.

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