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Friday, March 4, 2011

Mexican Adventures Part V: Calakmul, and Preview of the Film

Preview video for the film

This is the last entry in the Mexican Adventures series.  See the previous entries here:

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See the other pictures from this trip at my Flickr site!

This is day 15.

For this day, we visited Calakmul, a site of mayan ruins and a tourist attraction.  Afterwards, we headed out to Balam-ku.  We stopped along the way to capture footage and photos of Animals.

I got fairly close to this BOA.  Be warned: do not get this close unless you're a professional.  I work closely with models all the time, so I know how close I can get to dangerous creatures.  Even then, I wasn't equipped with a macro lens so I ended up using the 70-200 fully zoomed out to get these closeup shots.

 A turkey

These peccaries travel in groups, and in this case there was around 20 of them.  I tried to get a better shot, but they ran off when I tried to get in to position.

A toucan in flight

I did eventually find some models.

The Mayan pyramids attract a lot of tourists.  Here you can climb up top and get a nice view of the jungle.  See my preview video for some of these shots.

 Balam-Ku bats

There were millions of bats.  It's a place that used to be a cenote (a hole in the ground) but when it dried out, it became home to a large gathering of bats.  Every day, around 4:30pm the bats fly out in a sprial pattern.  You will see an example of this in my preview video above.

That's the end of this set.  When the film is finished, it will be posted here for you to enjoy!

***I will go back to posting pictures from nightclubs and fashion shows soon.  I have another project in New Zealand coming up this month, and I will post a new equipment list for that as well.


  1. Wow, the video is really cool. I love the time lapses and monkey shots! And that rattlesnake is awesome. I've been getting blog-overload, but I def need to check out what else you've been up to!

  2. Ahhh, correction, it's not a rattlesnake, it's a BOA sorry. I's been corrected now.