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Monday, November 26, 2012

Trisko & Principals Year End Party

I was out shooting for The Sociables at the Trisko and Principals Year End Party: Heroes and Villains held at Fortune Sound Club.  A more comprehensive review can be found at written by Elysia Rotaru.  I was just there to take photos.  Read further below to see how I took these photos.

See the full set at my FLICKR!

Nerd stuff below:

I've been shooting nightclubs around Vancouver (and other cities) for many years now, so I can do this with my eyes closed.  Really, get a wide enough lens and you can just point in the general direction, or hip-shoot. For a nightclub, the range is really short so you need a super-wide angle lens to have the easiest time.  But that said, I haven't done actually nightclub photography in quite a long time.

Lens and body: Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 with Canon 7D.  This is one of the best super wide lenses around.  I chucked the 16-35mm 2.8L on 5dII for this.  Regardless, the image quality is awesome, but in reality nightclub shooting doesn't require the most superior optics for most clients.  You can just as easily use the wide end of your kit lens.

Accessories: canon 580EXII.  The flash is a MUST for nightclub shooting.  Best way to go would be to use shutter drag (the photos were shot at 0.6s and iso-640 at f/2.8) and second curtain flash.  The point is to illuminate the scene using the long exposure, and freeze the image at short range using the flash, as the flash won't have enough power to freeze the background (r^2 if you like math).  Otherwise it'll actually just look like you shot in a dimly lit room.

Add a battery grip just to make the camera look bigger and more legit.  Bigger camera = super pro.  Not only does it work, it's near necessary to get attention.

See the full set at my FLICKR!

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