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Friday, November 23, 2012

BUN 2012 Sesso Collection with Jennyfleur Loves & Rogue

These are photos from another of Vernard's events that I shot for "The Sociables" @  It was the BUN Sesso 2012 Collection with Jennyfleur Loves & Rogue Fashion Shows.  The venue was Chinois in Yaletown.

See the full set at my FLICKR!

Carola Bun has all the pearls and gems.

Nerd stuff below

This assignment was for a collaborative blog of city adventurers called "The Sociables" @  I've been shooting fashion shows for quite a bit now so I knew exactly what to bring.  I brought out the Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II, and the Canon 580 EXII flash.

Lens choice: for this shoot, I was primarily concerned with capturing the jewelry .  Ofcourse it's a part of the overall look, but there are going to be a dozen other photographers taking those photos.  And it also means when a colleague accidentally happens to stand in front of my spot to take his photos, I can just shoot over his head (thanks to smaller angle of view).  So I went with a tele zoom with shallow depth of field to shoot those necklaces, because the dress and shoes are the accessories here.

Flash:  This place is way too dark to pull off that Club 560 thing using directional lights on location.

Camera body: I brought a full frame body in case I was too close to the front (as opposed to the 7D and the crop factor), which I was.  And I also wanted some shots of the designers and it'll look awkward if I went across the room to take it.  The problem of course is the focus accuracy.  It just means I gotta take more shots.

Also, I didn't bring any other lenses since I had no intention of doing the media wall or backroom stuff.  I brought an extra battery in the pocket but that was it.

Most of the photos were taken at f/2.8, ISO-160 at 1/100s.  I could have went with a lower shutter speed (the flash would freeze the action) but the background actually lead in to the kitchen, and illuminated the pots and stuff.  I decided to go with a dark background instead.  

See the full set at my FLICKR! 

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