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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dress Code 2010 Fashion Show

I was at Dress Code 2010, a SFU hosted Networking event.

The full set can be found at my Flikr site!

There was very little light!  It was a networking event with a fashion show composed of volunteers.  There were a few I've seen at previous fashion shows.

I brought out a ef-s 15-85mm/3.5-5.6 IS USM.  This is one of my favorite lens, it is super sharp and awesome for video.  In this case, the 15mm width lets me get group photos during the networking events, and the 85mm would let me get shots down the runway.  I was wearing a suit and didn't want to lug around a kit bag so if I was brining one lens, this was going to be it.  (and the fifty in the pocket).

The problem was there was too little light, and I needed the reach.  Normally at a fashion show, the runway is lit up with various lights, but here there was only the ambient lights to illuminate, which made it difficult.

Luckily I had my flash, Canon 580EXII.  Because there was so little light, each flash I made was blindingly bright, and the batteries had a difficult time keeping up with the cycling.  I was recharging, so I brought along alkalines that I keep as backups, and these don't last very long and cycles slowly between flashes.  I notice they heat up a lot more too.

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