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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Timeline Boutique Fashion Show at Pink Elephant Thai

I was at the Pink Elephant Thai for another fashion show hosted by LuvnGrace.  Actually, I was there for two, Smooch Boutique Swimwear and Timeline Boutique.  I missed the Element 7 Style show.

See the full set at Flickr!

Title pic: f/4, 1/10s, iso-5000, 105mm

The shots were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon 24-105mm f/4 + Canon 580 EX II.

I got there late and missed the Element 7 show.  And I was stuck at the wrong angle.  BUT IT'S OKAY because the producer was there with me, so he missed the show too.

Each of the following are taken at f/4, 1/15s, iso 1250.  The angles are wrong but it's the techniques that count.  The EV in the room was approximately 2.  The settings above was used to get a 1 stop underexposure for the background, and the flash was used at +1 EV to freeze the motion. and separate the subject from the background by 2 stops of illumination.  Overexposure by 1 stop is okay for fashion.

For a short runway, I would have went with a fast focusing short wide zoom, like a 16-35mm.  But I had a weak angle (I had to get low) so all my shots would have been a upshot.  And I was stuck with a 5DII so I might as well have used a manual prime.  Maybe a 35mm for the body shots.  For the Element 7, I would have used a 70-200 for the closeups of the jewelry.  And orange gel for the flash.

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