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Monday, December 13, 2010

Doolin's Irish Pub End of Exam Party 2010 Winter

Poor Charlotte got cut again.

I was out taking a walk with my camera last Friday and I somehow ended up at Doolin's Irish Pub for an end-of-exams party.

Find the full set of pictures at my Flickr HERE!

As usual, nerd stuff hidden under girls.

I used my standard equipment set of Canon 7D with Sigma 30mm 1.4 and the Canon 580EXII Flash.  This time I brought a battery grip completely unnecessarily just to make my camera look bigger and more impressive.  Well, it does have the small benefit of counterbalancing the huge flash on the top by giving more weight to the bottom of the camera, which is useful for hand stabilizing the camera for low light shot.

Normally when I go to a pub or a bar (instead of a club), I don't pack a flash.It doesn't seem like the right environment to it, and it feels more disruptive because the atmosphere is more relaxed than in a dance club.

The title shot with the ladies was taken at F/4 to catch most of the subjects in focus.  At a dark place like a pub, I normally crank up the ISO to a high number, in this case ISO-1250 to catch the ambient light, with a shutter speed of 1/25 sec.  The 7D can handle high iso's really well, and when there is a flash involved, noise isn't apparent at all anyways.

The flash I usually leave at full auto.  I feel it is intelligent enough to compensate for any settings I set up my camera for.  Sometimes I might crank up the Flash Exposure Compensation when I feel the subjects in my picture come out too dark.

This is an example of a shot taken without flash.  The room was extremely dark, so the shot was difficult to make.

This shot was taken at f/1.6, 1/25 sec, ISO-2500.  The scene was brightened up in Post, and it gives the push-process effect of increasing grain.  The 7D happens to have really nice grain patterns, reminiscent of film, so it's not so bad.  The noise was reduced using DPP.  Because of the shallow depth of field, the subject in the center appears in focus, but the two other subjects to the sides appear with a slight blur (out of focus).

Anyways, see the full set of pictures at my Flickr!

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