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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 April Night 5

Hi, I'm just here to increase his viewer count!

Last night at Vancouver Fashion Week was the international designers.  Particularly Ha Sang Beg.  He's my favorite (because he's... Korean?).  Other than the Korean crowd, there was Autobiographie from Paris (and their shoes), and Dawn Sharp from California.

This time I actually made it to the after party.  Well, I had to go to club 560 first to take some photos of their show, but afterwards, I made it to auBAR.  Again, I have an appointment (my weekends, sigh).  But I'll post these party pictures.  Sometime.

And for other people that ran in to me while I was there... well, keep watching, photos will come up soon.

Let's party!  Diet cola and water for everyone!

*Nerd Stuff:

How to take sharp photos down the runway with a Canon DSLR:
1. AI Servo (just put the red dot on their face/shoes/boobs/etc, whatever you want in focus.  I focus on the eyes.)

2. Full manual.  If anything is automated (iso, wb, shutter speed), then there will be a slight delay when you press the shutter.

2. de-couple the shutter button from auto focus.  Use the af-on button at the back (for canon cameras) to auto focus, and use the shutter button to take the picture.  If you don't know how, ask me.  Otherwise, when you pres the shutter, the camera will try to autofocus when you press, and cause a delay.

That way, you can just hold down the af-on button while tracking the model down the runway, and when you press the shutter button, there will be no delay, and you'll get your sharp image.

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